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Our business is solely dedicated to polypropylene resin. That’s why we are intentional about delivering high-performing solutions that meet your specific needs and helping you get your products to market as quickly as possible. Here are a few reasons why selecting INVISTA as your polypropylene resin supplier gives you a competitive edge.

Unmatched reliability

Located 200 miles inland

When supply chains along the Gulf Coast are impacted by hurricanes, our production facility in Longview, Texas, located 200 miles inland, is in a better position to operate without interruption.

Integrated feedstock supply

We’ve taken steps to ensure long-term availability of critical feedstocks. Our on-purpose PDH plant and pipeline network deliver a steady supply of polymer-grade propylene directly to our Longview facility. We have multiple supplies of monomer and storage facilities – ensuring we consistently have the ingredients to make polypropylene.

Preventive maintenance

We invest in preventive maintenance procedures at our plants to minimize downtime and unplanned outages.

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Design and process flexibility

100+ grades

INVISTA has leveraged the versatility of PP to develop more than 120 polymer grades suitable for medical and healthcare, consumer products, food and specialty packaging, durable goods, housewares and more.

Custom formulations

With on-site compounding capabilities and expertise in niche markets, INVISTA can formulate polypropylene resin to meet specific requirements. From R&D to distribution, we work with you through all phases of development to get the right properties and performance.

Flexible processing methods

Our polypropylene is suitable for all common processing methods, including extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming, blow molding, biaxially oriented film, fiber spinning, slit tape, extrusion coating and laminating.

Lower minimum volume

Our customers need flexible order volumes, so we’ll package and deliver orders as low as 1,500 pounds. Our strong U.S. distribution network helps us fill smaller volume needs.

Industry-leading service and expertise

Customer-focused approach

We are a preferred partner to OEMs and processors because we are there when they need us. From application development and processing support to logistics and customer service, a responsive support team is available for any inquiry. With a wide range of grades, we’re likely to have a product that meets your needs. And if we don’t, custom formulations are available.

Market-driven innovation

INVISTA brings extensive capabilities in developmental programs along with in-house commercial and technical expertise. Our application development team has decades of combined expertise in polymer development, material design and engineering, and regulatory requirements for medical- and food-grade polypropylene. 

TS & D Lab

From chemical analysis to microscopy, our lab brings numerous capabilities to support you in using our resins. It’s also how we create and test our forward-thinking formulations. We can complete testing ahead of time to streamline approvals, ease the qualification process and assist with sampling to best meet your needs.

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Experienced in niche markets & applications

Specialized grades for high-spec applications

INVISTA supplies consistent, high-quality material for OEMs requiring food-grade and medical-grade resins. As a development partner, INVISTA offers expertise during design and engineering to help streamline qualification, regulatory testing and go-to-market. 

Medical resins

Our MedSelect™ resins are formulated to accomplish your most challenging performance demands for pharmaceutical packaging, diagnostics, labware, medical devices, contact lens packs and more.

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Specialty packaging

Traditional polymers can crack under exposure to extreme heat or cold. DuraTemp™ resins are specifically designed to withstand rough conditions and can be formulated for both impact resistance and clarity.

More about Specialty Packaging
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