Stewardship for the long term

At INVISTA, we are committed to responsible operations and continuous improvements to provide key materials that go into products people use every day, from COVID-19 test kits and contact lens packs to school supplies and food packaging.

In producing polypropylene, we strive to keep stewardship top of mind. We do this not only because it’s an expectation in our industry, but because it’s the right thing to do.

As a preferred supplier, we work to help our partners maintain performance and profitability while focusing on three key areas of operation: Environmental, Social and Governance.

We’re driven by a vision to responsibly create more value while consuming fewer resources. From using these resources efficiently to maintaining safe and sustainable practices, everything we do is guided by our pursuit of mutually beneficial outcomes with customers, employees, suppliers and communities.

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The potential within our products

Polypropylene is a recyclable polymer known for its versatility, durability and light weight. This creates environmental advantages compared to some other polymers. 

In terms of environmental stewardship, it’s not just what we make – it’s also about how we make it. Our Longview facility – in operations for 40+ years - has demonstrated operational and product development expertise. Longview is a leader in plant utilization and is fully integrated with its propylene feedstock via pipeline. The product development team partners with customers to continuously create new formulations that leverage the inherent advantages of polypropylene to help improve products and packaging.

From reliable operations to customer collaborations on products with virgin and recycled content to investments bioplastics and renewable energy, INVISTA and its affiliates across Koch experiment and innovate to create more value using fewer resources. Now that’s environmental stewardship.

Environmental Stewardship in action at INVISTA polypropylene

Here are just a few of the ways we’re managing resources responsibly and continuously innovating to achieve major milestones in stewardship and sustainability.

Polypropylene’s low energy intensity and density compared to other materials means less emissions and solid waste to landfill.1

1 Climate Impact of Plastics | McKinsey, Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Analysis of Polypropylene (PP) Resin |

Since 2020, Longview has sourced 100% of its propylene feedstock via pipeline. According to AFPM (American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers), data from the U.S. Department of Transportation shows pipelines are the safest mode of energy transportation.2

2 AFPM | Pipelines

In addition to safety benefits, a 2020 pipeline integration in Longview eliminated the need for approximately 1,680 railcars annually, which is approximately a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions as related to the previous logistics modes.*

* Carbon Calculator

Longview recycles more than 98% of its production waste and is pursuing zero production waste going to landfill.

An innovative leak detection sensor network from our affiliate company, Molex, can identify anomalies in real time and help improve plant safety.

Product innovations like DuraTemp™ reduce product waste and further improve packaging sustainability.

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Helping people and communities thrive

Our respect for the dignity and rights of people is at the heart of our dedication to social stewardship. We are actively involved in the Longview and Houston, Texas, communities, contributing volunteer time and financial support to a variety of organizations focused on the following areas:

  • Education programs that enhance science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) aptitudes, as well as a variety of programs that promote learning and job readiness.
  • Safety programs that provide equipment and training to local fire departments who help make our community a safer place.
  • Community advisory panels in both Houston and Longview give community members opportunities to discuss and make recommendations on operations and company environmental and safety initiatives.

Additionally, INVISTA leadership and employees work to uplift the communities in which we work and live. Here are just a few organizations we partner with to help improve lives.

Longview Community Partnerships

  • Texas Chemical Council Science Teachers and Industry Workshop
  • Helping Heroes Program benefiting local emergency responders
  • Salvation Army
  • Good Shepherd Medical Center
  • Habitat for Humanity

Houston Community Partnerships

  • Children’s Museum of Houston
  • Stand Together
  • Lee College and San Jacinto College
  • Rucker Elementary and Park Place Elementary
  • 50/50 Partner Parks Initiative


Going beyond compliance

Consistent with our philosophy that prioritizes the health and safety of our people and communities, we expect employees to comply with all laws and regulations at all times. However, we don’t stop at compliance. As a Koch company, we strive to go above and beyond in abiding by our Guiding Principles, our shared Vision and our Code of Conduct.

Guiding Principles

Our success is driven by maintaining a culture of principled entrepreneurs and employees who are empowered by our Guiding Principles to innovate, collaborate and create superior value for society.

Learn about these principles

Code of Conduct

From respecting others to properly interacting with government entities and driving EH&S excellence across the company, learn about the code guiding our operations.

See our shared Code of Conduct

Awards and recognition

2024 Bronze Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis

2023 AFPM Silver Elite Award for top industry performance (Longview)

2019 and 2020 Excellence in Caring for Texas Award from the Texas Chemical Council (Longview)

2020 Business of the Year Award from the Longview Chamber of Commerce

2020 Chemical Safety Excellence Award from CSX, a leading supplier of rail-based freight transportation

2020 Process Safety Award from the Texas Chemical Council (Longview)

2020 VPP Safety Award from OSHA (Longview)

2021 AFPM Silver Elite Award for top industry performance (Houston)

2021 Caring for Texas Award from the Texas Chemical Council (Longview)

2022 Houston Business Roundtable Safety Excellence Owner Award for contractor safety

Stewardship in action at Koch companies

INVISTA is one of many Koch companies working together to experiment and innovate responsibly, creating more value while consuming fewer resources. Here are a few of the accomplishments and investments our affiliates are making in accordance with our company-wide stewardship vision.

In 2024, Koch Industries earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award for a fourth consecutive year.

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Koch companies have invested $1.7 billion in the renewable energy space across electric battery, energy storage and solar infrastructure value chains, while increasing efficiencies, using fewer resources and reducing emissions throughout existing energy operations.

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Flint Hills Resources is building the largest single user solar project in the United States at its Pine Bend refinery – one of the most efficient refineries in the country.

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