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INVISTA is a leading producer of chemical intermediates for the polypropylene and nylon value chains. Many major companies and manufacturers partner with us not only for our polymers and fibers – but our focus on mutually beneficial partnerships and unrivaled customer service. 

From parts for the automotive industry to medical equipment, air bags, food packaging, carpet and clothing, our ingredients in the polypropylene and nylon 6,6 value chains help our customers deliver outstanding products.

ISO Certifications

As an ISO-certified company, we adhere to international standards to maintain consistency and quality across every grade we produce.

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INVISTA, a Koch Company

A subsidiary of Koch Industries since 2004, INVISTA is committed to innovation and responsibly creating more value for its customers and society while consuming fewer resources. We apply Principle Based Management™ to our business to create value not only for our customers, but society as a whole.

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